Monday, July 9, 2012

Patterned Platforms

While away on my vacation, I got a chance to see summer trends from all over. If there was one trend that really stood out to me (especially considering my obsessions), it was the bold patterns that many people were sporting on their shoes!

Today's deals are on patterned shoes (because you know I can't keep away from shoe deals for long!) And all shoes shown below are under $40!

  1. Michael Antonio Marvela. $30
  2. Enigma Floral Oxford Bootie. $35
  3. Madeline Girl Twiggy Sandal. $35
  4. Lulu Townsend Yanka Reptile Sandal. $20
  5. Qupid Honor-11 Sandal. $35
  6. Madden Girl Kiwii Wedge Sandal. $30
  7. SM Kia Sandal. $20

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