Deanna's Deals is all about saving money and giving our viewers the best options for the hottest trends!

If you think you have a product, website, blog, company, etc. that fits with the niche Deanna's Deals caters to and would be interested in advertising on Deanna's Deals, please send me a message through the Deanna's Deals Facebook page.

Independent designers, artists, bloggers, business owners, and supporters of savings are strongly encouraged, though we do not discriminate against larger organizations!

Advertising space is located on the right hand side, in a 300px area
See the "Your Ad Could Be Here" area of the right column for sizing.

Currently, advertising is $5 for 1 month.

How advertising will work:
1. Send me a message here.
2. Tell me about what it is you'd like to advertise and how long you'd like to advertise for.
3. If we agree that what you're advertising fits with Deanna's Deals, send me a picture of the ad you'd like displayed, as well as the link you'd like the ad to direct to.
4. Send payment through PayPal (details will be provided).
5. The ad will be posted within a week of payment being received, and will be active for 1 month from the date of posting (or longer if that's what has been agreed upon). 
6. A dedicated blog post will then be published announcing the advertisement, including a brief description of what it is that's being advertised!

Advertisements must be appropriate for an audience of all ages. Images may not include drugs, pornography, violence, etc.

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