Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Product Review: Royal Dynamite

Today's post marks the beginning of a new segment here at Deanna's Deals!

Starting today, I will now feature product reviews every once in a while!

Today's product review is on an up-and-coming t-shirt line called...

Royal Dynamite is an environmentally and socially conscious line, focusing specifically on children and education. 

Royal Dynamite has also launched a campaign called RDCares!

RDCares "is a One-for-One give back program, geared at empowering and supporting school children growing up in marginalized and low income communities around the world."

How RDCares Works:

"For every Royal Dynamite t-­shirt bought, we will donate an RD Educational Care (RDEC) package to a child in need. Each RDEC package will contain the following items: a composition book, a pencil, an eraser,and a sharpener. The program will first be introduced in Sierra Leone and the United States, and will eventually expand to other countries and regions of the world."

How about that?!? Just by buying a t-shirt, you can help a child in need!

Now for the product review!

A while back, I was sent two t-shirts to try out, the "Let it Fly!" shirt, and the "Tahiti Blue Logo" shirt, which you can see below.

First off, let me just say that it has been a long time since I've worn a t-shirt this comfortable! The t-shirts are both 100% cotton, and super soft! And you know how some t-shirts with designs on them are itchy underneath where the design is printed? Well, these weren't like that! And I'm being completely honest!

I wore the "Let it Fly" t-shirt around campus one day, just with some jeans and a light sweater over top, and got quite a few compliments! And for those of you who like to dress up, I even tried this shirt with darker jeans, a blazer, and some pumps, and it still looked great! It's definitely a day-to-night type of shirt!

Here are some other shirts on their site that I like!

By the way, "Nyumbani" means "Home" is Swahili, which, as a budding Anthropologist who's only a month away from going to Kenya, I absolutely love!

So there you have it! My first product review, and what a great product it was!

I highly recommend this t-shirt line!

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Deanna's Deals Exclusive: Kendra Renee

And I'm back!

Today, I've got a wonderful, new, Deanna's Deals exclusive for you!

The lovely Kendra Lawrence over at Kendra Renee Handmade Jewlery
kindly created a coupon code just for you, my awesome readers!

Before I give you the code, let me tell you a bit about Kendra Renee Handmade Jewelry and the artist making the gorgeous pieces shown below.

"my self
Artists rarely plan on becoming artists. I didn’t. I was a little girl in Vermont who, while making sequin tiaras for my dolls, would predict pastry chef one day and pathologist the next. I was a college student in Florence learning as much about tagliatelle as I was about DavidI was a metal-working apprentice still on the cusp of learning where my art lived.
I didn’t plan on becoming an artist, but passions have an unexpected way of sneaking up on you. You don’t even realize they are there until you’ve spent three hours hunched over the same piece of silver and sit up still smiling with something beautiful in the palm of your hand. But once you do – once did – it’s like they had always existed, just waiting to be discovered, and nothing else could feel so right.

my work

The jewelry you wear should speak to you. It should inspire confidence, joy and strength. It should harmonize with your body, yet it shouldn’t blend in. It should be noticed.
The jewelry I create is just that, the result of meticulous craftsmanship and the shapes and textures I dream of every night. I craft each piece by hand: the bowl-shaped pendants, the clasps of the necklaces, the posts of the earrings. I dream and I draw then I sit and I cut and I form and I forge and I solder and I hammer and then I send you a little cream colored box with my initials embossed on the outside.
My jewelry is elegant. It is unique. And most of all, it is wearable.
The only thing you can do that will ever break my heart is leave your favorite pair of earrings in a box waiting for the right occasion. My jewelry is made to be worn." --Kendra Lawrence

And now for the eye candy!
These are some of my favorite pieces, but there are many more to see!

Inspired by these pieces? Have a design idea you just can't get out of your head? Well, guess what?!?! Kendra Renee does custom work!

And now for the coupon code I promised!
From November 14-November 28, enter the word DEANNA
at check out and receive 20% OFF!!!

Want to keep in touch with Kendra Renee Handmade Jewelry?
Like the Facebook page, and check out the Etsy store!