Monday, July 30, 2012

From Here to There

Lately I've been thinking of going through my closet to pick out clothes I just don't wear often enough to be worth holding on to. 
As I was thinking about the types of things to keep, a very important wardrobe rule popped in my head:

The best items are multipurpose items.

This means, in order to have a functional, but not overflowing wardrobe, stock up on items that can be worn to a variety of events and occasions.

Example: The dresses below are all ones that could easily be taken from day to night, or from business/professional to night-on-the-town!
It all depends on the accessories you use!

  1. Cami Blouson Dress. $22
  2. Paprika Floral Bow Low Back Dress. $27
  3. Red Cocktail Hi-Lo Dress. $19
  4. Block Belted Dress. $48
  5. Plus One 2 Dress. $21
  6. Black and White Tribal Print Mini. $15

Need help figuring out how to make these work for different occasions and events? Send me a message through the Deanna's Deals Facebook Page and make an "Outfit Request!"

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