Thursday, June 28, 2012

Magnificent Mugs

This may be more appropriate for Fall or Winter, but that's too far away, so it's happening now!

Imagine it's a chilly night. You're wrapped in a blanket with your favorite movie playing. You've already prepared some delicious hot chocolate. You look down at your mug as you go to take a sip, and you realize that this vessel holding what will soon sooth your body and mind is plain and bares nothing but the logo of a company you haven't thought of in years...well that's a mood killer if I've ever heard one!

Ok, not really, but I needed an introduction...

Today's deals are on some of the cutest mugs I've ever seen!

 Elephant Mug. $6

 Sydney Mugs. $6

 Great Mustaches Mug. $12

Udderly Cow Mug. $8

Happy Saving!

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