Thursday, June 21, 2012

Adorn Me

I stumbled across a new site today that just brought my deal giving to the next level! The site helps you find where to buy some the quirkiest, most unique, or most posted (i.e. Tumblr or Pinterest) items on the web!

Today's deals are on some very interesting, yet oh-so-cute accessories!

P.S. I'm super surprised at how many were from Etsy!

 Infinity Bracelet. $5

 Leather Bangle Bracelet. $8

 Mustache with Top Hat Ring. $16

 Multicolor Leather Rope Cuff Bracelet. $8.50

 Leaf Ear Cuff. $9

 Bermuda Armlet. $40

 Ribbon Ear Cuff. $11

 Dainty Bow Ear Cuff. $12.50

 Anchor Bracelet. $5

 Lady Skeleton Lolita Necklace. $21.50

 Bohemian Drape Bracelet. $15

 Good Luck Elephant Ring. $10

 Vintage Bird and Leaves Necklace. $5

 Light Blue and Lace Stud Earrings. $10

 Nebula Necklace. $10

 Turquoise Wire Ear Cuff. $15

 Milky Way Ring. $14

 Snake Stud Earring. $9

 Beaded Shield Earrings. $3

Grecian Goddess Headband. $36

Happy Saving!


  1. These are all cool but I particularly like the nebula necklace. There's something poetic about carrying the universe around your neck.

    1. Oh! I like that idea! Very cool way to think about it!

  2. Oh I love those beaded shield earrings! Thanks for sharing the link. :) And great to find you blog via blog-train.

    Have a great day.


    1. Aren't they gorgeous?

      Thanks for visiting! Hope you come back often/subscribe!

      Yeah, I'm loving Blog-Train! It's genius!

  3. I love the snake earrings :) I wish they were for gauged ears though haha!

    1. Aren't they cool! If you wanted me to, I could try to find them for gauged earrings; I'm almost positive someone would have made them in that style! Just send me a message on the Deanna's Deals Facebook page ( with a way to contact you, and I'm on it!