Saturday, May 26, 2012

Keep it Casual

So we've had our dresses, our pumps, our jewelry, our nail polish, and now it's time for the casual tee! I'm personally in love with the selection I found for today!

DOUBLJU Womens Casual Snake Leather Print Loose T-Shirt
Available in Black and White

DOUBLJU Womens Casual Loose Fit Knit T-Shirt 

DOUBLJU Womens Striped Pattern Long Sleeve T-Shirt

DOUBLJU Womens Casual Peacock Feather Print T-Shirt

DOUBLJU Womens Casual Long Sleeve Dot Shirt

DOUBLJU Womens Longsleeve Satin Blouse Top
Available in White and Grey

DOUBLJU Womens Casual Heart Cutting Cute Line Blouse
Available in Ivory, Pink, and Blue

Happy Saving!

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