Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Hit His Funny Bone

It's summertime! The days of shorts, sandals, and casual tees are finally here! And if your guy is anything like mine, I'm betting his favorite casual tees have a sense of humor. You know what else has a sense of humor? The price tags usually found on said tees. Today, Deanna's Deals is going to laugh right back at those price tags, with $6 tees! 

That's right, I said it, each shirt below is only $6!

Hot Dog! So cute, I could eat you up!


Tuxedo Shirt, for the more formal BBQs!


The Brainy Bunch, featuring Franklin, Einstein, and many more!


Delicious Pi. Would you like some ice cream with that word problem?


LOL Face (yes, those are meme faces, and if you don't know what memes are, this shirt may not be for


867-5309, wait am I remembering that correctly?

But wait, there's more! Buy any 10 tees, and they're only $50!

Happy Humorous Saving!

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