Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Still Here

Don't worry, all, I'm still here!

The semester's just getting busier and busier, with this past week, and next week, being filled with projects and midterms galore.

The only break I was able to take was last Sunday, the bf and I's 5 year anniversary (how could I not take a break for that?!?!)

Fear not, new deals are on their way, as well as more Deanna's Deals only exclusives, promotions, and a new feature...product reviews! 

So keep checking in, because you never know when I'm going to get a few minutes to post!

And until that time, here's a quick deal to tide you over!

This chic little get-up would only cost you...
wait for it...

Wish me luck on all this school craziness!
Be back soon!
And, as always...

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